Paddington Real Estate has a great reputation for looking after investment properties. Our rental portfolio is deliberately kept at a manageable level to ensure each property receives our maximum attention (and we get to sleep at night!)

At Paddington Real Estate we carefully screen tenants to match each property from flats and units to homes and exclusive residences.

At Paddington Real Estate we will never hand your property or enquiries over to a junior or support staff. All owners deal directly with the Principal or Property Manager. Your calls and emails will be answered promptly and we will do everything in our power to meet your instructions and assist you in maximising your property's financial potential.

We live locally and drive past our rental properties regularly, as well as conducting regular maintenance inspections.

At Paddington Real Estate our arrears are kept very low due to diligent management of tenants.

Due to our premium position in Rosalie Village, we attract an enormous amount of walk-in enquiry as well as countless hits on our web site for rentals, so our vacancy rate is negligible.

For more information, you're very welcome to call Sam or Vanessa at Paddington Real Estate on (07) 3369 2099 or 0411 502 855.